Taqueria Acapulco restaurant has an excellent variety of Mexican food.They are in touch with the culture and their knowledge is truly expressed through their delicious cuisine.Portion sizes are perfect and the staff are very kind.Their prices are very reasonable and there has been no complaints about service.Food is served quickly and you never leave hungry.
This restaurant brings Mexico to Texas and is sure not to disappoint.Food is high quality and delicious.The restaurant is family friendly and has food for all preferences.The menu is very versatile and there’s sure to be something for everyone to enjoy.Staff is very friendly and customers never complain about service.Many people say it is the best Mexican food they have ever tasted.Staying close to their deep Mexican roots their cuisine truly showcases their heritage.
You will never leave hungry,and will surely be impressed. Taqueria Acapulco restaurant keeps people coming back and always wanting more.Only true Mexican food is served here and is sure never to disappoint.Its also a great restaurant for tourists and foodies who need their Mexican fix.The tortillas are handmade and all their food is made with care and delicacy.The salsa and tortilla chips are very well known and their Carne Asada is a food everyone needs to try.All their food is made fresh by people who take pride and care in serving the public.The food is authentic Mexican,delicious,and best of all completely affordable.
Once you taste the amazing food,It will surely keep you coming back for more.They have many great deals on food and even do special nights where meals and drinks are cheaper than normal.The staff are very cheerful and will surely put you in a good mood.For a smaller size restaurant their food packs a big punch that’s surely not going to disappoint any.There is food for people of all acquired tastes of Mexico.Their food is sought out by many foodies and is truly cherished by Mexican food lovers everywhere.It is definitely a place you will come back to more than once due to its mouthwatering flavors,Amazingly affordable prices,and Authentic tastes of real Mexican food.Be sure to come back each time your near as the menu always has more and more great things to offer.You will never leave the restaurant un-satisfied or hungry.
Staff will always be sure to accommodate your wishes and will gladly serve your food with a smile on their face.The restaurant is classic,authentic,Mexican food in a modern day setting.The restaurant is hands down the best Mexican food ever made and definitely has a five star rating.Their service is quick,The food is fresh,handmade,and true to the flavors of Mexico,and the staff do it all with kindness and a smile.If you want true,authentic,Mexican food,Be sure to eat at Taqueria Acapulco Restaurant,Because you will never be let down,disappointed,or hungry.